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5.0 out of 5 stars was amazed at the film "Welcome to Dopeland"
August 25, 2017
Format: Amazon Video

I was amazed at the film "Welcome to Dopeland".  It's a weird dark comedy/science fiction movie. Drugs are like a sub-theme, a pretext for introducing weird characters, and not the main attraction of this strange and funny film.

Mac, a handsome Oxycontin addict is dumped by his beautiful girlfriend and gets fired from his Advent Nanotechnology job -- right when the news is full of reports about a competitor in Korea that had an "accident" or "meltdown".

A self-replicating foam has been unleashed, devouring everything in its path, and it's the End of the World coming fast.  As the self-replicating foam advances toward America, Mac tries to score some Oxycontin via his mentally ill friend Bobby, who keeps going into trance and "channeling" various philosophical windbags, who spew forth pop ecology warnings and anti-corporate hostility.

'Welcome To Dopeland' is like Cheech and Chong road trip crossed with Dr. Strangelove and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  But this is the first science fiction film I've ever seen where the "monster" makes its appearance during the last few minutes of the film, as it consumes Bobby as he sits waiting, prophesying manically, like a modern Timothy Leary.

The director of “Welcome to Dopeland” Len Dell’Amico is best known as a video and concert-movie director. Dell’Amico has worked with an impressive list of musicians, from The Grateful Dead to Ray Charles to The Allman Brothers Band.  This influence can be felt in some of the film’s psychedelic moments, but in truth, the latter half of the movie reminded me more of Fellini than Altamont.

Music:  Widespread Panic, Bob Weir and RatDog, The Mermen, Joan Osborne, The Yardbirds, and the Ventures.

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