“Welcome to Dopeland” is a dark comedy that takes place in Northern California in the near future.

Mac, unemployed and heartbroken, is seeking the quick solace of a drug fix. His go-between is Bobby, an eccentric street person who channels an astral talk show. It’s a simple errand. What could go wrong?

Wider disaster looms, and the final confrontation takes place on the estate of a man who finds out he can buy anything but time, and everybody discovers just what their greed has cost them.

 Welcome To Dopeland is essentially a road film, which is a genre that usually includes two people
in a car in search of something. In this case, for Bobby and Mac, it's a search for drugs and the
hilarity that ensues. Look, we've all been there at some point, either jonesin' ourselves, or helping a bud trying to score something. In this case, Mac just got fired from his job and he's in search of
oxycontin to dull the pain (add to the fact that his wife left him for a spiritual guru and won't let him see his daughter). Mac has to rely on super slacker Bobby to help him find a supply of oxy. The two embark on a journey and come across many different and eclectic characters along the way.

The movie is peppered with visual montages from Dell'Amico in a definite departure from traditional storytelling. Some of them remind you of a bad acid trip, while others draw you deep into the inner psyche, which is the point depending on the scene.


Road movies have always held a place in my heart and I am a huge supporter of independent film.  Check out this movie and some cool movie stills from the film WELCOME TO DOPELAND, by
acclaimed Grateful Dead filmmaker, Len Dell'Amico.


Welcome To Dopeland

Delivering a cast of bizarre and abnormal characters, WELCOME TO DOPELAND mixes a disturbing reality of what might be with a soundtrack full of great songs from Bob Weir & RatDog, Widespread Panic, Joan Osborne, The Ventures, The Mermen, and the Yardbirds.

"This film is destined for “Cult Classic” like This is Spinal Tap, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Heavy Metal or The Big Lebowski.  Highlighted by an amazing, relatively unknown cast including the very funny Ross Turner (Bobby) and a special appearance by Rev.  Billy from The Church of Life After Shopping..."      SHAKEDOWN NEWS, BILLY SUNDAY

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